The Health Benefits of Yoga for People in Colorado

The Health Benefits of Yoga for People in Colorado

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The health benefits of yoga are enormous. Life is stressful and chaotic. It is important to find ways to decompress. Yoga is a wonderful activity to partake in because it helps individuals in a myriad of ways. Yoga can provide a mental and physical sanctuary. Colorado is a wonderful state to practice yoga. Scenery plays a great role in immersing yourself into yoga.  
Local Culture

Colorado is routinely seen as one of the healthier states in the country for a couple reasons. They house plenty of farmers markets throughout the state that help provide healthier options for food. The higher altitude is also great for cardiovascular health when you are regularly exercising. The Rocky Mountains extend into Colorado, providing a wonderful opportunity to explore their national park. Aspen and other ski resorts in the state keep tourism booming and the locals with plenty to do. Staying active in this stat is easy. They have a wonderful healthcare infrastructure that spans from progressive hospitals, to fitness centers, and plenty of yoga studios. 
Natural Beauty

Instead of being cooped up in a studio, Colorado can provide you beautiful landscapes and locations to practice yoga. You can find yourself practicing yoga in a lush butterfly pavilion one day. Or you can partake in yoga at an aquarium with the peacefulness of aquatic life surrounding you. Stress relief is probably the biggest health benefits of yoga. Tension headaches, restlessness, and high blood pressure can be reduced with proper utilization of yoga. For individuals that may have a weak core of back muscles, yoga can provide strategic help for those areas. It can improve your balance and your coordination. If yoga is treated as a need and not a want your body will benefit. Yoga can provide a sense of inner peace that is otherwise blocked by daily life. People can often lose sight of themselves when it comes to work, school, or relationships. The health benefits of yoga can allow you to get in tune with your inner self. Connecting the physical, mental, and spiritual sides of your being as a person is something else that yoga can provide. There are many ways to get involved with yoga. If you are nervous or shy then start at home. YouTube provides plenty of visuals for you to practice and get comfortable before joining a yoga program. Get out there and take care of your well-being. 

Wearable Tech for Safety While Outdoors

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We are always advocating for getting outside to get healthy in Colorado, when possible. Sunshine, change of scenery, fresh air have their own benefits above the miles or heart rate. Because of the great state we live in, we have been allowed to do this even during Covid-19 restrictions, with that standard distancing and mask wearing, of course. However, as we become more isolated as a society–for good and safe reasons presently–we increase risk when we exercise outdoors.

We can often find ourselves hiking, biking, skiing, snowshoeing, paddling, etc in more remote places and even in less remote places but with fewer people. This can increase risk when injuries occur that someone can’t find you. However, this is so much wearable tech on the market these days that can help add a nice base layer of safety that you can get help on any mountain or trail if something were to happen.

SPOT Tracker

We have to start with SPOT. This is an old technology that was spat out of NASA, where a signal pings between the device, a satellite, and home base. The device is pretty cheap, but the subscription you need to attach runs around $250/year. When you turn it on, it will ping your location every 10 minutes or so. You family will have a link to follow along and knows where you are–or knows where te device is–at all times. They can see how fast you are moving, if you are stopped, etc. Better still, it has an emergency button that you can hit to send a distress signal if something goes wrong, particularly in places where there is no cellular reception.

Medical Alert Devices

We would be remiss not to mention wearable tech that is designed for seniors. While lots of devices cover this same path, if a senior you know has any type of medical alert pendant or bracelet, be sure they wear these when they are in the mountains. Only some of these services will stay on the line while help arrives, so we’d recommend finding companies, such as Alert1, Lifeline, and Medical Guardian, who will stay on the phone/device until help arrives.

Obviously, Your Phone

Just so you don’t think we are skipping over the most obvious tech, which is your smart phone. A text or phone call is the easy and obvious choice, and should be the go-to for anyone in peril. You certainly don’t need to buy anything new, like the above or the below, and can just use this device. The trouble you can get into is if you depend solely on this device in the Colorado Mountains, and you are out of cell range–which is very common in many parts of the state. In this case, you need backup.


Strava is a running/biking app, though useful for tons of other activities, where you can share and interact with others. Basically, social media for fitness. Lots of cool stuff in this app, but is has some additional–if not, accidental–features where you can use it for safety. First, it now has a live feed for run tracking, which can help people find you. Second, since it works on GPS, it doesn’t need a cell signal, much like the SPOT device.

Tell People Where You Are

Finally, just tell someone where you are going to be. Post it to Facebook or text/call people. This is just a helpful measure to ensure that someone in this world is watching for you or can help others find you if you don’t make it back in time for supper. You

The Health Benefits of Snowshoeing for People in Colorado

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For the people who love snowshoeing, winter is an ideal time to explore. The sport is easy and unique since you only need some cool snowshoes and gears for the walk. 

You can buy the snowshoeing apparatuses in nearly every shop and mall. If you’re based in Colorado, and you want to participate in this sport, you’re about to realize the following five health benefits of snowshoeing. 

Burning Calories 

Snowshoeing offers the ideal aerobic workout, such as hiking and running. Thus, you burn more calories than when running or walking. 

As you stroll and lift your legs in the snow, your body works hard to maintain temperature; consequently burning more calories. But the walking speed and the nature of terrain influence the number of calories that you burn. 

Low Impact Workout 

The little impact exercise is a friendly sport that people of different ages can take part in. Snow acts like a cushion to absorb shocks and bumps; thus, you don’t struggle. 

Do you live in Colorado, and you need a less intense workout? Just do some walking on flat-packed terrain. 

Cardiovascular Fitness 

Everyone needs a healthy heart and lungs. Doctors recommend that you engage in cardio exercises that last from 20 to 60 minutes daily or approximately three times per week. Such activities highly boost the functions of your heart and lungs. 

Walking on snow stimulates your cardiovascular system, and if you’re at a high altitude, your body will produce more red blood cells. The American Heart Association recommends this workout to curb heart diseases. 

Building Muscles 

This is among the health benefits of snowshoeing. During the workout, you build your muscles because of the numerous body movements. You tend to move your muscles against the core and not the gravity. 

The muscular benefits you receive during snowshoeing are similar to those you get when running. By using snowshoe poles, you receive more workouts to your back, shoulder, and arm. 

Full Body Workout 

The sport strengthens your entire body, boosts your body balance, and pushes your muscles to work harder. Snowshoeing has thus gained popularity as a form of exercise and winter sport. 

The sports don’t need any skills, and participants can do it individually or as a group and achieve the health benefits of snowshoeing described above. 

The Health Benefits of Snowboarding for People in Colorado

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So many people have their reasons to play in the snow but for most people living in or visiting Colorado they play in the snow by skiing or snowboarding. The following are benefits for your health: 

  • Burns Calories 
  • Improves Flexibility 
  • Boosts Mood 
  • Self-Confidence 
  • Strengthens Lower and Core Body Muscles 

 When you snowboard, you are burning 450 calories per hour along with burning calories your body is getting exercise. Having good balance will grow with improvement in this sport. Snowboarding boosts mood and self-confidence so mastering a new skill can help you mentally and lower stress and anxiety. While your body releases endorphins from this activity you are more likely to boost your mood and have an overall healthy body. Muscles in your body are getting more active as you continue snowboarding and you will increase your endurance alongside flexibility. 

Gaining From Snowboarding 
Because this activity puts your whole body to work there is so much to gain from snowboarding. The health benefits of snowboarding help your body improve on muscle memory and strength of the muscles that are not being used. This is a great way to exercise without the hassle of heavy gym utilities. Snowboarding is a sport with great talent from beginner to professional. You are gaining so much from this activity, so you will enjoy how much exercise you will get from snowboarding. 

Popular Activity in Colorado 
Snowboarding in Colorado is popular because of the high elevation and how the resorts there open early. Resorts here have the highest lift-served terrain. As well as the ski season being longer than anywhere else in the country. The resorts her are some of the largest in the country. The smaller resorts are treasure hidden hotspots. Furthermore, Colorado is home to America’s best ski resorts and the views are splendid. Being the most popular state for snowboarding and skiing makes it a well-known place for families and fun. 

The Health Benefits of Skiing for People in Colorado

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Colorado is home to over 29,758 acres of skiing at more than 20 dedicated resorts and has surged to be the top choice among many snowboarders and skiers. In fact, a few years back the state recorded a significant 12.6 million visits by skiers all around.  


If vast open land does not attract the millions of visitors alone, the uniqueness and variety of the landscape certainly does.  
If you are traveling with your family, many kid-friendly ski options are available that include tubing hills and even instructors capable and ready to assist. These friendly instructors can help you create the most memorable family vacation.  
If you are more in the mood for a world-class resort that features only the most luxurious destinations and amenities, Colorado is also infamous for this.  
Even if you are traveling in a smaller group and are looking for a local scene that is more hidden or simplified, Colorado has you covered.  

With such an array of options to choose from, both in resort and in landscape, it is clear to see why skiing has become the national sport of Colorado. Living a mountain lifestyle in the cold Colorado slopes is ideal for any Coloradans and any travelers.  

Health Benefits of Skiing 
Similar to rafting, there are many health benefits of skiing including physical and emotional ones.  
Skiing is such a great cardiovascular exercise that it can help individuals lose weight and burn true calories. Walking up slopes rather than using a ski lift can provide additional exercise as well.  
Unlike rafting which helps to strengthen upper body muscles and arms, skiing strengthens lower body muscles. The body naturally remains in a squat position which helps develop calves, gluts, quads, and hamstring muscles.  
Not only do lower body muscles get some attention, core muscles do as well. With balancing and focus required, the abdomen and core are strengthened overall.  
Being outdoors greatly supports mental health by promoting an added production of ‘happy’ and ‘relief’ hormones called endorphins. Vitamin D exposure is also an added benefit of skiing as time is spent under the sun. 

The Health Benefits of Rafting for People in Colorado

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Colorado is known as one of the Mountain states and offers beautiful outdoor scenery. For the outdoor adventurer, Colorado is the perfect place to be.  
Although it is listed as the 7th driest state, Colorado has set water plans in place to restore flow to rivers. With its mountainous composition and limited rivers, the rivers have become the perfect balance for rafting.  

Growing Popularity 
Rafting was popularized about 50 years ago and gained more and more popularity as water sports were added to the Olympic games.  
Rafting is not an easy sport or pastime, but it is one that has become very common and enjoyable for people in Colorado and it is not hard to see why!  

Health Benefits of Rafting 
Coloradans are very social people and rafting is a social sport. It builds teamwork, giving people the time to bond with one another and learn about each other’s strengths and weaknesses. It also provides time for family bonding all while getting an amazing cardio workout.  
Rafting is very strenuous and requires skill and endurance that is built over time and regular practice. It strengthens muscles as you are required to paddle as quickly as you can through the rivers. This helps tone your back, shoulders, and arms making you as fit as can be.  
Providing adrenaline rush and helping reduce stress at the same time, rafting is also good for your mind as it provides a new means of exploration. While vigorous, the scenery all around is very peaceful and serene. Being outdoors is always an excellent benefit to one’s mental health as fresh air in deep breaths provides one with true clarity.  
Although many assume that rafting can be a dangerous sport, the risk of injury is actually very minimal. In rafting, many learn their body’s capabilities and it empowers them, boosting self-esteem and confidence.  

Healthy Coloradans 
Over the years, more and more people have engaged in whitewater rafting as newer equipment has been produced to make the sport safer. This creates a very healthy state to the U.S. and with full understanding why.  
The various health benefits of rafting, both physical and mental, support nothing but great living. 

The Health Benefits of Hiking for People in Colorado

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With the beautiful views all around Colorado, it’s no wonder that hiking is a popular activity. While many find the allure of the mountains calming, hiking also provides a myriad of health benefits. 

Health Benefits of Hiking 

  • Can help to lower your risk of cardiovascular disease – Hiking is a great physical workout, increasing heart rate and working the entire body. Frequent exercise is found to lower blood pressure and cholesterol, two factors that can contribute to heart disease. 
  • Strengthen muscles – If you’ve ever gone on a hike you know how hard your legs work, but did you know it’s a great core workout as well? The terrain of a hike will have you engaging your core even if you’re not trying. 
  • Help combat stress and improve mood – Getting outdoors is a great stress reliever and adding in exercise will only improve your mood. Add into the equation the beautiful scenery of Colorado and you’ll feel great and begin to see all the health benefits of hiking. 

Why is Hiking so Popular in Colorado? 

Colorado is a very active and healthy state but why is that? What makes Colorado so different from other states? Well, there are some contributing factors to this so let’s check them out. 

  • Ideal weather – It’s easy to go for a hike when it’s sunny out. Colorado enjoys pleasant weather for much of the year making it ideal for hiking conditions. 
  • Excellent terrain – With the Rocky Mountains right in your backyard, why wouldn’t you get out and explore? Colorado has a variety of parks and hiking destinations that are for all different hiking levels. 
  • Wildlife – With such a large amount of trails, you’re sure to come across some wildlife. From elk and bald eagles to goats and bison, there are many animals that call the Mile High State home. 
  • Variety – Colorado is home to all kinds of hiking trails and national parks. You’ll always find something new whether you’re looking for waterfalls or wildlife, Colorado has the trail for you. The variety of hiking opportunities is endless and one of the reasons you’ll find so many trail rats in Colorado. 

The Health Benefits of High-Intensity Workouts for People in Colorado

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High-Intensity Interval Training alternates high-intensity efforts and resting periods. The research-backed training system burns huge amounts of calories in a shorter time as compared to the traditional methods. HIIT merely takes 15 minutes and can burn more calories as you would do with an hour of jogging on a treadmill. Here are four health benefits of high-intensity workouts for the people in Colorado. 

Reducing Body Fat 

As indicated by the 2012 study, HIIT decreases body fat faster than other weight loss methods such as jogging. In more recent research, HIIT workouts that applied hydraulic resistance systems surpassed the usual forms of exercise to a huge extent. 

Improving Metabolic & Cardiovascular Health 

High-intensity workouts assist in improving the heart health of both cardiovascular patients and healthy people. Besides, HIIT workouts enhance metabolic health, including blood sugar levels, cholesterol, and blood pressure. 

According to a 2015 study, 10 weeks of HIIT workouts offered the same metabolic and cardiovascular benefits the same as moderate-intensity works that took several months. 

Improving Mental Health 

Other sorts of exercises benefit mental health, but HIIT training will be more useful. In a 2019 review, HIIT can give a wide range of benefits to individuals suffering from mental illnesses, including minimizing the level of depression. HIIT workouts can aid in averting motivation challenges and comes handy to people with insufficient time to exercise. 

Time Efficient 

This is among the health benefits of high-intensity workouts. While exercises come with various benefits, not everyone is keen on regular sessions. Since lack of time is among the most common barriers, HIIT provides an effective way to exercise. It’s, therefore, a good selection for people who find it hard to take part in regular physical exercises. According to a 2014 study, committing only 30 minutes and three times per week is beneficial for HIIT workouts. 

Maintaining Muscle Mass Better & Building More Muscle

HIIT workouts facilitate the effective burning of fat and calories. By generating muscle-building hormones, the workouts are an efficient way to develop lean muscles. You perfectly build and maintain muscle mass while giving away fat. That’s unlike the steady-state workouts that take longer and can lead to the burning of muscles. 

The people of Colorado benefit from the above health benefits of high-intensity workouts. 

The Health Benefits of Cycling for People in Colorado

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Riding in Colorado is a primary activity, and in 2015, bicycling alone added $1.6 billion in health and economic benefits to the economy. Cycling is primarily an aerobic exercise, thus your lungs, blood vessels, and heart benefit from the workout. You perspire, experience added body temperature and breathe deeper, which boosts the overall fitness. Here are six health benefits of cycling the people of Colorado experience. 

Obesity & Weight Control 

Through cycling, you reduce and control body weight whereby the exercise increases metabolic rate, burns body fat, and builds muscle. To lose weight, you should combine cycling with a healthy eating plan. You can change the intensity and time of cycling, as you find it suitable. 

Cardiovascular Disease 

Patients of cardiovascular diseases suffer from a heart attack, high blood pressure, and stroke. Regular cycling improves the flow of blood in the lungs and heart, hence minimizing the risk of cardiovascular attack. 

Besides, cycling minimizes fat blood levels, reduces resting pulse, and strengthens heart muscles. Studies show that cycling people are three times less exposed to pollution as compared to car commuters. 

Cancer and Cycling 

Researchers have been studying the relationship between cancer and exercise, particularly breast and colon cancer. Studies revealed that cycling reduces the chances of suffering from bowel cancer. Other reports indicated that regular cycling minimized the danger of breast cancer. 

Diabetes and Cycling 

Type 2 diabetes has increased for years and has turned into a public health concern. The absence of physical exercise is thought of as the primary reason people suffer from this condition. Wide-scale study in Finland portrayed individuals who bicycled for over 30 minutes daily experienced a 40% lower risk of suffering from diabetes. 

Bone Injuries and Arthritis 

Cycling boosts coordination, balance, and bone strength. If you’re suffering from osteoarthritis, cycling is a recommended exercise. However, the exercise doesn’t mainly assist osteoporosis since it’s not a weight-bearing exercise. 

Mental Illness and Cycling 

Several mental health conditions, for instance, anxiety, stress, and depression, can get minimized through regular cycling. This is because of the exercise effects and the enjoyment that accompanies the activity. 

The tips mentioned above are some of the health benefits of cycling experienced by the people of Colorado. 

The Health Benefits of Climbing for People in Colorado

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Why Are Colorado Residents Embracing the Sport of Climbing? 
The residents of Colorado enjoy remaining healthy with vigorous activities, and this includes rock climbing. This state has several mountain ranges, making it easy for athletes to find a new place to climb frequently. Amateur rock climbers can begin learning about this sport by visiting the indoor venues that have artificial rock-climbing walls, and they can also find groups of knowledgeable rock climbers who will teach them about this sport.  
Where Can You Find Artificial Rock-climbing Walls?  
For safety reasons, it is a good idea for rock climbers to have at least one partner. This is often a dangerous sport, so you must also take precautions, including wearing a helmet and using safety straps. Beginners can find rock-climbing walls at recreation centers and colleges where there are experts who will teach you how use the proper safety equipment for this sport. These locations are the perfect places to find friends to go rock climbing with in your spare time.  
What Are the Mental Health Benefits of Climbing? 
There are several mental health benefits from the sport of rock climbing, including getting more fresh air when you are outside along with reducing your stress. You must use your brain’s cognitive functions while climbing, helping to prevent dementia conditions. In addition, rock climbing can help you to burn calories, leading to losing body fat and weight. You will also improve your muscle mass and tone so that you have a better physique, including in your upper and lower body.  
What Are the Physical Health Benefits of Climbing? 
If you want to increase your body’s endurance and stamina, then rock climbing is a different and more exciting way to do these things than when you are simply running, walking or cycling. To climb safely, you will also develop more agility and better balancing. While climbing, you must bend your knees, twist your hips and use your arms, leading to joints that are more flexible. When you are climbing outside, you will also have the opportunity to see natural things, such as trees and wildlife.