You don’t have to be an expert in the healthcare industry to know that people of higher socio-economic status tend to have better health and better health outcomes than people of higher economic status. Sure, there are plenty of exceptions. No amount of money can fix certain injuries and illnesses. Great genes can overcome a certain amount of environmental deprivation. It’s also true that socio-economic status is a lot more complex than, say, how much money you have in the bank. Your parents’ ability to spend money on your health as a child, for example, has a pretty sizable effect on your health as an adult.


Like most states, it’s also true that there are arbitrarily rigid disparities for healthcare access and overall health outcomes. People and households with sufficiently low income are entitled to Colorado’s Medicaid coverage, while the “working poor” often earn just a little too much to qualify for Medicaid but can struggle mightily to afford basic healthcare services.


The most impoverished among us may not have access to healthcare services or other basic living necessities. Just because you qualify for Colorado Medicaid doesn’t mean you know where to sign up.


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