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Getting High Before You Exercise

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We get a lot of questions from Colorado residents and other people about the relative healthy vs. unhealthy effects of a cannabis habit. This is a multi-layer question with no simple answer. A more specific question we also get a lot has to do with consuming cannabis as part of

Racial Disparities in Health Outcomes

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Because the health effects of poverty are so widespread and because there’s already a correlation between race and poverty, it’s difficult to study how much racism and racial prejudice plays a role outside of the existing socio-economic disparities. Most research and researchers, if they have an opinion at all, believe

Regional Disparities in Colorado Health Outcomes and Care Costs

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The healthiest residents on average are concentrated in the nine-county corridor from Colorado Springs to Denver and up to Fort Collins. No surprise to most Coloradoans, this is also where the greatest concentration of Colorado jobs and wealth lies. The strongest correlation in regional disparity tends to follow that region’s