Riding in Colorado is a primary activity, and in 2015, bicycling alone added $1.6 billion in health and economic benefits to the economy. Cycling is primarily an aerobic exercise, thus your lungs, blood vessels, and heart benefit from the workout. You perspire, experience added body temperature and breathe deeper, which boosts the overall fitness. Here are six health benefits of cycling the people of Colorado experience. 

Obesity & Weight Control 

Through cycling, you reduce and control body weight whereby the exercise increases metabolic rate, burns body fat, and builds muscle. To lose weight, you should combine cycling with a healthy eating plan. You can change the intensity and time of cycling, as you find it suitable. 

Cardiovascular Disease 

Patients of cardiovascular diseases suffer from a heart attack, high blood pressure, and stroke. Regular cycling improves the flow of blood in the lungs and heart, hence minimizing the risk of cardiovascular attack. 

Besides, cycling minimizes fat blood levels, reduces resting pulse, and strengthens heart muscles. Studies show that cycling people are three times less exposed to pollution as compared to car commuters. 

Cancer and Cycling 

Researchers have been studying the relationship between cancer and exercise, particularly breast and colon cancer. Studies revealed that cycling reduces the chances of suffering from bowel cancer. Other reports indicated that regular cycling minimized the danger of breast cancer. 

Diabetes and Cycling 

Type 2 diabetes has increased for years and has turned into a public health concern. The absence of physical exercise is thought of as the primary reason people suffer from this condition. Wide-scale study in Finland portrayed individuals who bicycled for over 30 minutes daily experienced a 40% lower risk of suffering from diabetes. 

Bone Injuries and Arthritis 

Cycling boosts coordination, balance, and bone strength. If you’re suffering from osteoarthritis, cycling is a recommended exercise. However, the exercise doesn’t mainly assist osteoporosis since it’s not a weight-bearing exercise. 

Mental Illness and Cycling 

Several mental health conditions, for instance, anxiety, stress, and depression, can get minimized through regular cycling. This is because of the exercise effects and the enjoyment that accompanies the activity. 

The tips mentioned above are some of the health benefits of cycling experienced by the people of Colorado. 

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