Colorado is known as one of the Mountain states and offers beautiful outdoor scenery. For the outdoor adventurer, Colorado is the perfect place to be.  
Although it is listed as the 7th driest state, Colorado has set water plans in place to restore flow to rivers. With its mountainous composition and limited rivers, the rivers have become the perfect balance for rafting.  

Growing Popularity 
Rafting was popularized about 50 years ago and gained more and more popularity as water sports were added to the Olympic games.  
Rafting is not an easy sport or pastime, but it is one that has become very common and enjoyable for people in Colorado and it is not hard to see why!  

Health Benefits of Rafting 
Coloradans are very social people and rafting is a social sport. It builds teamwork, giving people the time to bond with one another and learn about each other’s strengths and weaknesses. It also provides time for family bonding all while getting an amazing cardio workout.  
Rafting is very strenuous and requires skill and endurance that is built over time and regular practice. It strengthens muscles as you are required to paddle as quickly as you can through the rivers. This helps tone your back, shoulders, and arms making you as fit as can be.  
Providing adrenaline rush and helping reduce stress at the same time, rafting is also good for your mind as it provides a new means of exploration. While vigorous, the scenery all around is very peaceful and serene. Being outdoors is always an excellent benefit to one’s mental health as fresh air in deep breaths provides one with true clarity.  
Although many assume that rafting can be a dangerous sport, the risk of injury is actually very minimal. In rafting, many learn their body’s capabilities and it empowers them, boosting self-esteem and confidence.  

Healthy Coloradans 
Over the years, more and more people have engaged in whitewater rafting as newer equipment has been produced to make the sport safer. This creates a very healthy state to the U.S. and with full understanding why.  
The various health benefits of rafting, both physical and mental, support nothing but great living. 

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