Colorado is home to over 29,758 acres of skiing at more than 20 dedicated resorts and has surged to be the top choice among many snowboarders and skiers. In fact, a few years back the state recorded a significant 12.6 million visits by skiers all around.  


If vast open land does not attract the millions of visitors alone, the uniqueness and variety of the landscape certainly does.  
If you are traveling with your family, many kid-friendly ski options are available that include tubing hills and even instructors capable and ready to assist. These friendly instructors can help you create the most memorable family vacation.  
If you are more in the mood for a world-class resort that features only the most luxurious destinations and amenities, Colorado is also infamous for this.  
Even if you are traveling in a smaller group and are looking for a local scene that is more hidden or simplified, Colorado has you covered.  

With such an array of options to choose from, both in resort and in landscape, it is clear to see why skiing has become the national sport of Colorado. Living a mountain lifestyle in the cold Colorado slopes is ideal for any Coloradans and any travelers.  

Health Benefits of Skiing 
Similar to rafting, there are many health benefits of skiing including physical and emotional ones.  
Skiing is such a great cardiovascular exercise that it can help individuals lose weight and burn true calories. Walking up slopes rather than using a ski lift can provide additional exercise as well.  
Unlike rafting which helps to strengthen upper body muscles and arms, skiing strengthens lower body muscles. The body naturally remains in a squat position which helps develop calves, gluts, quads, and hamstring muscles.  
Not only do lower body muscles get some attention, core muscles do as well. With balancing and focus required, the abdomen and core are strengthened overall.  
Being outdoors greatly supports mental health by promoting an added production of ‘happy’ and ‘relief’ hormones called endorphins. Vitamin D exposure is also an added benefit of skiing as time is spent under the sun. 

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