Healthy Colorado is an honest, empirical, and ongoing assessment of the state’s public health. We don’t diagnose individual patients or symptoms. We don’t run a specific health program in your neighborhood. We’re not health providers or medical professionals.

Who are we then? We’re a group of dedicated social scientists, journalists, and statisticians. Okay, we have some health professionals, too. Above all else, we love and live in Colorado and we’re interested in learning about and promoting the public health and general welfare of our state. Healthy Colorado strives to report on the information and facts about the state’s public health with as much transparency and integrity as possible.

As beautiful as things are in Colorful Colorado, Healthy Colorado could just as easily be our slogan. Yet, this doesn’t mean that there aren’t things we can do better It doesn’t mean there are no disturbing health trends or industry practices that need to be called out.

For this reason, we’re also hesitant to reveal too much about ourselves. Unfortunately, our various roles as health providers, patient advocates, state officials, company employees, etc. can limit our ability to speak out. We want to be able to shine a light on all corners of Healthy Colorado, even when we fall short of our aspirations. It’s also something that we like to argue about amongst ourselves with the journalists arguing for more accreditation and the health professionals on the other side. And myself, as a statistician, I say if the data and sources are solid, it shouldn’t matter either way.